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minimized. The pain and anguish that the player, team and even fans go through is sometimes too much, yet it is avoidable. Replay is about players, fans and the teams. Teams stay for long without winning major tournaments yet fans stick by their teams no matter what.
The other solution is accurate awarding of points and marks or score, (Wiederhold and W Sutphen 54). In hockey, for example, instant replays are used show the movement of the ball near the goal line. The same case happens in basketball, where instant replays help to show whether the ball had gone from the palms of the player earlier than time ran out on him, (Hanson 51). It is intriguing to note that, in both cases, there is a no or yes verdict, (Verna 21). This means that, at the end of the game the losers have none to blame. The team retreats and works hard to improve on the next game. If a team feels it lost unfairly, then it can easily become demoralized. This is because a refereeing mistake can cost a team a place in history of successful teams. In extreme cases, referees have been accused of conspiracy against some teams.
Within the past ten years, the national football and hockey leagues have adopted the use of instant replays to avoid altercations, (Kramer 194). There altercations sometimes arise from a mistaken call during the time the game is ongoing. The national basketball association also uses it too, (Verna 21). Some of these altercations give rise to fights on the pitch which spills into the fans. This leads to greater loses. Such incidents lead to security breaches. Replays have a proactive role, (Hanson 51). This helps to avert unnecessary anger. They convince the coaches, players and fans that they won or lost fairly and, therefore, there is no need for violence, (Gamache 101). While replays can be used to monitor the behavior of fans with in the stadium, and to assist in arresting violent fans, it has a bigger role in preventing ugly instances from happening. Instants replays have helped in preventing deaths. How? Diehard fans are known to commit suicide where there teams go through an extreme fate. The same case applies to players. There is a history of players committing suicide just because a life changing call was made. Don Moore, of the American league, took his life in 1980’s. This was subsequent to blowing match five of the competition to the ‘red sox’ team. There could have been other reasons that led to this. However, a missed call could end up having the same result. Bad calls are known to change the course of history. Therefore, instant replay helps in assuring players and fans that something is being done about their concerns, (Berman 1683). This is because justice must be seen to be done. Too many coaches, players and fans this is what fair play is all about. Some of these parties do not mind the delays involved as long as their concerns are being addressed.

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