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Can you convince your learning mates of whatever idea? With us, you definitely can! Influential speech is a matter of magic word use, and here are the secrets of this smart skill. To defend any argument, read these materials and learn the techniques of persuasion and the structure of powerful argumentative writing!

  • A free tip: surprise the holders of the opposite view with Socratic arguing by re-statingtheir claims with exceptions added. Find the examples here!

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Don’t have an idea of what to tell in your composition? Search for the inspirations here! These examples will also help you refine our writing in terms of style and narrative technique.

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“Whatever you write, you write for someone, not only for yourself. Remember Holden Caulfield’s fantasies of death? Though this is an entry in his personal diary, he clearly wanted his parents to read about his burial! When you write an essay, try to make your thoughts clear to your potential readers. Don’t overload the work with emphatic structures or ambiguous statements. Provide a definition for every unfamiliar term. Explain why you make a certain comparison or conclusion”


Want a model to organize your long work, like a term paper or even a dissertation? Willing to develop the ability of excellent critical reflection on your thoughtful writings? Don’t skip the sample dissertations and course works provided here!

  • Umberto Eco recommends narrowing down your subject as much as possible: for example, the history of one volcano eruption makes a better impression than “geology”. Check how narrow topics subjects are developed in these samples

Special assignments

Sometimes words are not the most necessary part of the work. How do you format a non-word assignment or a lab report? We have numerous examples.

Literature reviews

It happens that you search for more literature about your subject. This essay bank is an excellent source for reviewing the trends in contemporary scholarship in humanities and science. You can search specifically for literature review or look for the essays of your subjects to find necessary sources in the reference list.

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Take your time to explore this website for getting the ideas for your personal research, but beware of immersing in it completely. It happens that you search here for literature review, look through an interesting story, then find a perfect essay sample for your history class… We’re opened anytime, so be careful and enjoy this collection step by step. Have an inspiring reading!